Treasure Island

Treasure Island.jpg

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Adapted and directed by Lexi von Hoffmann

Yohoho, and a bottle of rum!

When youngster Jim Hawkins finds a clue to the legacy of the pirate Captain Flint in a dead man's chest he unwittingly sets a tumultuous treasure hunt in motion that attracts a cast of wild and colourful characters. At the center of R.L. Stevenson's iconic story about greed, honour, duty, mutiny, fear and courage, Jim finds himself up against the infamous Long John Silver, a study of good and evil with ever-shifting loyalties. As the tides of fortune turn between the steadfast crew and the increasingly desperate mutineers, Jim's reckless audacity may be the only thing that can save his friends from being marooned on Treasure Island.


Nele Giese

Mrs Hawkins:
Carol Kloevekorn

Belle/Pete Stevens:
Sonja Bahnsen

Billy Bones:
John Kirby

Jim Hawkins:
Fiona Beaton

Bridget Norris:
Birgit Lüdemann-Winther

Wiebke Störtenbecker

Sally Munn:
Margaret Mader-Evans

Dr. Livesey:
Roger Graves

Piet Hansen

Black Dog:
Julian St. Clair

Blind Pew:
Sandra Weser

Israel Hands:
Charlotte Bock

George Merry:
Amanda Lee

Valerie Doyle

Ronny Nowak

John Silver:
Martina Plieger

Abraham Gray:
Suraj Valand

Alan Jones:
Sandra Weser

Dick Johnson:
Clara Kühl

Job Anderson:
Ursula Schmidt

José de los Mares:
Iara Sandomirsky

Meg Smith:
Liz Härtwig

‘Redcap’ O’Brien:
Nele Giese

Sue Sullivan:
Kayleigh Stubbs

Tom Morgan:
Lynda Matschke

Yashka Petrov:
Julia Holm

Harald Djürken

Benn Gunn:
Dave Duke