By John Patrick Shanley

Directed by Jeff Caster

In 1964, Sister Aloysius, a rigid, conservative nun who runs a Catholic school in the Bronx, and Father Flynn, the warm-hearted, liberal priest of the parish, engage in a battle of wills, words, and philosophy. Novice Sister James is caught in the middle when the suspicion arises that Father Flynn’s friendship with the first-ever African-American student at the school might be more than it should be. With her help, Sister Aloysius sets out to teach Father Flynn a lesson, for the sake of the boy. But unexpectedly she, too, is taught an intriguing lesson by the boy’s mother. DOUBT is a forceful and intimate look at the power of suspicion, fear, and intimidation, dealing with a problem that is disturbingly still relevant today.


Father Flynn:
Harald Djürken

Sister Aloysius:
Lexi von Hoffmann

Sister James:
Ellen Bergmann

Mrs. Muller:
Eve Harris