Death in High Heels

by Richard Harris

Directed by Mathilde Berry

A stylish whodunnit set in a 1937 London couture house - adapted from the novel by Christianna Brand.

A big day for the staff at fashion house Christophe et Cie, as they eagerly await the decision of who will be appointed general manager of a new branch in France. Will it be the elegant Miss Doon or the longserving Miss Gregory? Perhaps senior saleswoman Irene or showroom manager Dorian will get the job. Events take a dramatic turn over lunch when one of them collapses and dies, poisoned it seems by a rival. Inspector Charlesworth has a murder enquiry on his hands. Behind the glamour and gossip of a 1930s fashion house, secrets and lies are rife and more than one person may have harboured resentment towards the victim.


Cast (in order of appearance):

Irene Best:
Madeleine Lange

Frank Bevan:
Camilo Daza

Rose Macinerny:
Naomi Oevermann

Zelda Gregory:
Julia Rodriguez-Buis

Dorian Pouvier:
Trevor Ferdy/Martin John Mills

Rachel Gay:
Joanna Thorn

Aileen Wheeler:
Cecelia Marshall

Caroline Doon:
Jocasta Godlieb

Inspector David Charlesworth:
Alexander Aschikhin

Sergeant Lilian Wyler:
Andrea Thomte

This amateur production of “Death in High Heels” was presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

Photos: Conrad Lüneburg and Henrik Zawischa

Poster Design: Alexander Rühl

About 10 hours of setbuillding for our production of "Death in High Heels" in a 2-minute time-lapse video.