All my Sons

By Arthur Miller
Directed by Michael O'Connor

"You may think you are done with the past, but is the past done with you?"

A comfortable, idyllic, middle-class suburb in middle America. The time is August 1947, two years after the end of the Second World War. Joe and Kate Keller own an airplane parts factory that has fallen into disgrace. Their sons fought in war, but only one returned and struggles to adjust back into his old life. The play unfolds over a 24-hour period, when the father's dark past comes crashing back, impacting the relationships between the family members.

A cautionary tale about taking responsibility for your past actions and putting your immediate needs above those of society.


Kate Keller:
Lexi von Hoffmann

Joe Keller:
John Kirby

Chris Keller:
Mat Nichol

Ann Deever:
Sonja Bahnsen

George Deever:
Giuseppe Berardi

Sue Bayliss:
Amy Lee

Jim Bayliss:
Jed Harris

Lydia Lubey:
Jemina-Jane Idun

Frank Lubey:
Marc Fischer

Shaun & Joshua Harris