The Dining Room

By A. R. Gurney

Directed by Marinder Gill

Dining room stories from over 12 different, upper middle-class American homes all take place one after another in just one room with an all-important dining table. Actors each play up to ten different roles as guests or family members of all different ages throughout the play, creating a mosaic of unconnected dining room snapshot scenes: An elderly woman cannot recognize her own sons at Thanksgiving dinner.

A children's birthday party is the backdrop to an adulterous affair. Teenage girls steal their parents' liquor to drink around the table undisturbed. A moralizing father lectures his impressionable young son on politics, manners and grammar at breakfast.


Father, Brewster, Grandfather, Stuart, David, Dick, Host:
Florian Miro

Arthur, Boy, Architect, Billy, Fred, Standish, Harvey, Guest:
Harald Djürken

Michael, Ted, Paul, Chris, Jim, Guest:
Andrés Crump

Client, Howard, Psychiatrist, Stevie, Nick, Ben, Gordon, Tony, Guest:
Keith Williams

Mother, Carolyn, Brenda, Dora, Nancy, Helen, Ruth, Claire:
Adrian Walker

Sally, Girl, Sandra, Beth, Kate, Aunt Harriet, Emily, Guest:
Elena Kaufman

Ellie, Aggie, Peggy, Margery, Meg, Guest:
Jocasta Godlieb

Agent, Annie, Grace, Winkie, Old Lady, Sarah, Bertha, Guest:
Stephanie Arapian