By Neil Simon

Directed by Poppy Tirard and Harald Djürken

What do you do when you are invited to an elegant dinner party at the upper-class home of a high-ranking politician – and arrive to find the host has shot himself and the hostess is missing? Well, if you are a good friend you’ll forget about the buffet and the cocktails and try to cover the whole situation while trying to figure out what actually happened. However, you might just lose your calm when the police suddenly arrive at the scene …
This is the tricky task at hand for the four couples in Neil Simon’s award-winning hysterical comedy-farce. 


Chris Gorman:
Ellen Bergman

Ken Gorman:
Eddie Gray

Claire Ganz:
Jocasta Godlieb

Lenny Ganz:
Ryan Lambert

Cookie Cusack:
Lexi von Hoffmann

Ernie Cusack:
Mat Nichol

Cassie Cooper:
Amy Lee

Glenn Cooper:
Giuseppe Berardi

Officer Welch:
Julian St Clair

Officer Pudney:
Elisabeth Härtwig