by Patrick Hamilton

Directed by Julia Claußen and Martina Plieger

Manipulation and insanity lie at the centre of Patrick Hamilton’s play. Who is manipulating whom in the Manningham household, and who can be trusted? The lines between truth and fiction become even more decidedly blurred when a former police detective enters the scene, unearthing a long-forgotten mystery. In his play, Patrick Hamilton creates an ever-changing reality for his characters that will keep audiences guessing until the very end.

Gaslight is where the term “gaslighting” originated: it describes a situation where somebody deliberately manipulates another person in order to make them doubt their own view of reality. The play was adapted twice for the big screen. The 1944 version was directed by George Cukor and starred Ingrid Bergmann, Charles Boyer and Joseph Cotton.



Bella Manningham:
Naomi Oevermann

Jack Manningham:
Alex F. Wüst (and Alexander Aschikhin)

Inspector Rough:
John Kirby

Wiebke Störtenbecker

Teresa Schaubs

Forest Feltner

Due to a severe flu, Alex F. Wüst was unfortunately unable to perform during the first week of the run. Sascha Aschikhin stepped in on very short notice.

Photos: Conrad Lüneburg, Herwig Lührs, Henrik Zawischa

Poster: Alexander Rühl (incl. photography used in the poster)