Totally Absurd

Three short comic plays

Totally Absurd Poster.jpg

by James Saunders and Jacquelyn Reingold

Directed by Valerie Doyle

Hilarious examples of absurdist humour, playing with words and language, upending plots and conventions, and surprising characters who often defy logic - that, in a nutshell, defined our production of three one-act plays titled “Totally Absurd”.

Alas, Poor Fred
by James Saunders

An elderly couple, Ernest and Ethel Pringle, discuss Fred who just happened to get sawn in half, all the while revealing to the audience an entirely unexpected secret.


Ernest Pringle:
Mark Lyndon

Ethel Pringle:
Amy Lee

A Slight Accident
by James Saunders

Penelope, a middle-class housewife shoots her husband - on purpose but not deliberately! As her neighbours Camilla and Rodger drop in, an almost too polite evening ensues.


Valerie Doyle

Jason Couch

Julie Spanswick

Joe and Stew's Theatre of Brotherly Love and Financial Success
by Jacquelyn Reingold

Two brothers survive what appears to be the end of the world and discuss their future prospects in a former Off-Off-Broadway theatre. While Stew would like to pursue his passion for art, Joe’s mind is set on more commercially promising ventures.


Harald Djürken

Martina Plieger

Photos: Conrad Lüneburg and Henrik Zawischa