Snake In The Grass


By Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Mathilde Berry-Graham

Miriam has cared for her father in the family home during his last years with the help of the creepily polite nurse, Alice. On Father‘s death, Miriam‘s older sister, attractive, divorced Annabel, returns home after over thirty years abroad to find Daddy has left the bulk of his fortune to her. In the unkempt grounds she is accosted by Alice, who claims that Miriam sacked her to do away with her father and has a letter to prove it. Gentle Miriam and resolute Annabel join forces against Alice, and soon the blackmailer‘s body is hurtling down the well to oblivion. But all does not end there ... Snake in the Grass is a spine-tingling suspense drama about murder and ghosts from the past and present, penned by the inimitable Alan Ayckbourn.