Witness for the Prosecution

by Agatha Christie

directed by Lexi von Hoffmann

All the evidence in the brutal murder of Miss Emily French points to Leonard Vole. The middle-aged lady had taken a shine to the charming young drifter – and even made him her sole heir. Now the only thing standing between Vole and the death penalty is an alibi provided by his wife Romaine. When unexpectedly she turns witness for the prosecution and retracts her former testimony, the trial becomes a roller coaster ride of surprises, twists and turns. Can experienced defence attorney Sir Wilfrid Robarts and his team still save Vole from the gallows?

Cast (in order of Appearance):

Sonja Bahnsen

Mat Nichol

Mr. Mayhew:
Simon Kerrison

Leonard Vole:
Kostas Lampou

Sir Wilfrid Robarts, Q.C. :
Alex F. Wüst

Inspector Hearne:
Marc Fischer

Ronny Nowak

Romaine Vole:
Joanna Thorn

Justice Wainwright:
Harald Djürken

Court clerk:
Nele Giese

Court usher:
Leander Koopmann


Court stenographer:
Sandra Weser

Mr. Myers, Q.C.:
Dave Duke

Dr. Wyatt:
Sonja Bahnsen

Janet MacKenzie:
Julie Spanswick

Mr. Clegg:
Forest Feltner

Clara Kühl