Dial M for Murder

By Frederick Knott

Directed by Henrik Zawischa

Former tennis pro and playboy Tony Wendice married the charming Sheila for her money, only to neglect her and lead the good life. But when he discovers she has fallen in love with another man, crime writer Max Halliday, Tony starts to worry that his free and easy days might come to an end.So he plays the dutiful and attentive husband while he carefully lays plans for the perfect murder. He blackmails Lesgate, an old schoolmate, to break into their house and strangle Sheila when she is home alone.

Yet even the best-laid plans can go wrong – the victim does the unexpected, the scissors are lying within reach, and suddenly Tony has to quickly re-think his plans. Will Sheila escape his schemes? Will Inspector Hubbard see through the plot? Can Max find a way to save the woman he loves?


Sheila Wendice:
Izzy Orde

Max Halliday:
Martin John Mills

Tony Wendice:
Jonathan Greenman

Captain Lesgate:
Tom Ivison

Chief Detective Inspector Hubbard:
Mat Nichol

Detective Constables Thompson and Williams:
Piet Hansen

Roger Graves