By Brandon Cole & John Turturro

Directed by John Kirby

It’s a slender curtain between theatre and life. Tuccio and his wife Rachel want to put on Tuccio’s new play, but the theatre owners and the cynical critic Bevalaqua will not hear of it. So all the members of the ensemble, each in his or her own way, launch a night of artistic and erotic intrigues in order to persuade all their opponents to change their minds!In the ensuing chaos, Tuccio’s and Rachel’s marriage is severely put to the test. Does their ‘imperfect love’ have a chance?

In John Turturro’s 1998 film, the play-in-a-play Illuminata is an adaptation of Brandon Cole’s original drama Imperfect Love. Director John Kirby brought the story ‘back to the roots’, adapting the film for the stage!