Beyond Therapy

By Christopher Durang

Directed by Izzy Orde and Eddie Gray

It’s not easy looking for love. Prudence and Bruce meet on a blind date which ends in tears and disaster. They ask their therapists for help – but they have troubles of their own. Prudence’s macho psychiatrist, Stuart, has ego problems and likes to sleep with his patients. Bruce’s eccentric therapist, Charlotte, has no inhibitions and talks through a Snoopy doll. And when Bruce’s male lover, Bob, finds out that Bruce wants to date a woman, he is not at all pleased...

Chaos rules in this touching and wickedly funny satire by award-winning author Christopher Durang.


Andrés Crump

Harald Djürken

Andrew :
Joel Horne

Elena Kaufman

Prudence :
Madeleine Lange

Martin Mills