Play It Again, Sam

By Woody Allen

Directed by Ralph Fellows

Freshly divorced New York film critic Allan Felix struggles with the world of blind dates and his insecurity around women. Best friend Dick and his wife Linda fix him up with fabulous woman after fabulous woman, and Allan conjures up his hero and alter-ego Humphrey Bogart to learn from him how to treat ‘dames’. But all efforts to find love again end in chaos, until Allan realises that what he wants is right before his nose. At last, he has a chance to live up to the Bogey image. Join us for a hilarious romp through Woody Allen’s New York!


Allan Felix:
Jonathan Greenman

Dick Christie:
Eddie Gray

Linda Christie:
Amy Lee

Intellectual Girl:
Colleen E. Möller

Courtney B. Jackson


Courtney Peltzer

Izzy Orde

Sharon Lake:
Kate Deminatus

Martin J. Mills

Sharon, Barbara:
Tessa Hellbusch

Nova Kane

Play It Again, Sam was presented through special arrangement with Samuel French.