Jane Austen's Persuasion


Adapted By Julia Claußen

Directed by Lexi von Hoffmann

When Anne Elliott fell in love as a young woman, she let herself be persuaded that her chosen, Frederick Wentworth, was a man without any prospects and therefore anything but a suitable match. Her heart broken, she never married. When Wentworth returns a rich man from the Napoleonic Wars years later, Anne, her affection unchanged, has to stand by as several eligible young women set their caps at him. Her situation is further complicated by her vain and extravagant father, the sudden attentions of her father’s estranged heir, and the claims upon her time by her silly sister Mary.

2017 marked the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death. In honour of one of the greatest English authors, the Hamburg Players presented this original adaptation of her last completed novel.


Alice, maid to Sir Walter:
Nele Giese

Lady Russell:
Nora Farrell

Sir Walter Elliot:
Dave Earl

Elizabeth Elliot:
Sonja Bahnsen

Anne Elliot:
Madeleine Lange

Mrs Clay:
Martina Plieger

Mary Musgrove:
Naomi Oevermann

Charles Musgrove:
Jan-Philipp Voß

Jemima, Maid at Uppercross:
Nia Smyth

Mrs Musgrove:
Lynda Matschke

Louisa Musgrove:
Kim Neumann

Henrietta Musgrove:
Clara Kuehl

Admiral Croft:
Jedidiah M. Harris

Mrs Croft:
Valerie Doyle

Cpt. Frederick Wentworth:
Harald Djürken

Lydia, Maid in Lyme:
Birte Oldenburg

Mr Elliot:
Alexander Aschikhin

Cpt. Harville:
Forest Feltner

Mrs Harville:
Eleanor Hamill

Cpt. Benwick:
Haris Siddiqui

Nurse Rooke:
Julie Spanswick

Lady Dalrymple:
Wiebke Störtenbecker

Miss Carteret:
Dina Kiseleva

Opera Singer:
Rebecca Garron

Mrs Smith:
Meg McFarlane

Photos by Conrad Lüneburg and Henrik Zawischa