by Donald Margulies

Directed by Lexi von Hoffmann


Time Stands Still by Donald Margulies


For years, photographer Sarah and journalist James have been reporting on war zones all over the world. In this perceptive play by Pulitzer Prize winner playwright Donald Margulies, Time Stands Still for them both after they have gotten too close to the horrors they have been covering and had to return to their native New York. The involuntary break raises fundamental questions about the merit of their work and the importance of their relationship.



Performance dates are Wednesday, 14th June to Saturday, 17th June and Wednesday, 21st June to Saturday, 24th June 2017 at Theater an der Marschnerstraße at 7.30pm (plus a matinée performance on Saturday, 17th June at 3.30pm).



Sarah Goodwin Amy Lee
James Dodd Dave Duke
Richard Ehrlich Jonathan Greenman
Mandy Bloom Agnetha Höfels


by J.B. Priestley.

Directed by Michael O’Connor.


An Inspector Calls Life and Beth <p>by J.B. Priestley


"Public men, Mr Birling, have responsibilities as well as privileges"

England 1912. A mysterious suicide – how is the privileged Birling family connected to the dead working-class girl Eva Smith? Arthur Birling, a successful manufacturer, believes that if man minds his own business and takes care of his family no harm will come. Inspector Goole has other ideas and his persistent questioning tears down the seemingly perfect façade put on by the Birlings.


“An Inspector Calls” is a scathing critique of the hypocrisies of Edwardian English society. J.B. Priestley’s drama is today considered to be a classic in mid-20th century contemporary theatre. It combines elements of mystery and socially conscious family drama.



Performance dates are Wednesday, 15th February to Saturday, 18th February and Wednesday, 22nd February to Saturday, 25th February 2017 at Theater an der Marschnerstraße at 7.30pm (plus a matinée performance on Saturday, 18th February at 3.30pm).



Part Actor
Arthur Birling John Kirby
Sybil Birling Lexi von Hoffmann
Sheila Birling Madeleine Lange
Eric Birling Alexander Aschikhin
Gerald Croft Martin Mills
Inspector Goole David Earle
Edna Clara Kühl


by Alan Ayckbourn.

Directed by Jason Couch.


Life and Beth by Alan Ayckbourn



Get ready for an unusual ghost story:

Recently widowed Beth Timms is facing her first family Christmas since the death of her Health & Safety Officer husband, Gordon. Despite the fact that she would rather be alone, her son, Martin, together with his new girlfriend, Ella, have decided to join her to help cheer her up during the festivities. Beth’s boozy sister-in-law, Connie, completes the family circle. But when an uninvited guest comes to visit, brought on by the inadvertent request of the local clergyman, Beth must decide how to get on with her life in a manner not seen in the hitherto 33 years of her marriage.


Sir Alan Ayckbourn’s 71st play is a supernatural comedy and ensures a bewitching evening of entertainment. The play is directed by Jason Couch



Part Actor
Beth Valerie Doyle
Connie Julie Spanswick
Martin Martin Mills
David Grinseed David Duke
Gordon David Earle
Ella Nele Giese


Performance dates are Wednesday, 2nd November to Saturday, 5th November and Wednesday, 9th November to Saturday, 12th November 2016 at Theater an der Marschnerstraße at 7.30pm (plus a matinée performance on Saturday, 5th November at 3.30pm).


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